Quilts & pillowsQuilts & pillows

Balakkom provides quilts and pillows for every need: with different comforts, designs, materials, filling, and functionalities. In our production units in Ukraine, we have a production capacity of 1.7 million quilts and pillows annually. We have a collection of pillows and quilts that stand at the forefront of the company’s mission – by using them; you specifically contribute to reducing the need to source virgin materials.

Bedcovers and Mattress ProtectorsBedcovers and Mattress Protectors

Balakkom develops innovative and sustainable mattress protectors and bedcovers. We are experts in merging different quilting designs and fabrics, resulting in unique features in the product’s functionalities. In addition, the company is using ultrasonic technology for bedcovers, resulting in a durable and resistant material. Innovative products are combined with a sharp focus on automatization and efficiency in assembly, packing, warehousing, and logistics. Bedcovers and mattress protectors are produced in our production unit in Ukraine, with an annual production capacity of 420K items.

Bedding setsBedding sets

In every colour or design, you can imagine, bed linen livens up the bedroom.

We provide bedding sets in two major brands: Balak Home and the Dream, offering solid colour and printed bedlinen in cotton ranforce, shiny satin and soft tencel fabrics.

Smart about sleepingSmart about sleeping

DoubleAir fiber technology
DoubleAir is a finish of primary polyester fibers, which uses high-tech equipment that allows to cross the fibers to obtain a large amount of filler. Due to polyester fibers, the products remain soft and do not get lost for a long period.

Example – Royal Soft Pillow
Royal Soft is a two-chamber pillow made of anti-allergic siliconized polyester fiber DoubleAir where the ultra-thin fiber is in the first chamber and the fiber in the form of balls in the second one. So one may adjust the pillow by the only turn onto the other side.
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Balakkom has an efficient logistics system. We have 6 offices with warehouses in Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsi. The main office and production are located in Chernivtsi. Export orders are sent through the port of Odessa and by truck.

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Product Development and Innovations

Balakkom offers a full range of services, from product development to production, storage and delivery. Our strict quality and environmental standards guarantee the on-time fulfillment of every order. Balakkom's in-house development teams create products that meet the highest international quality standards. We are constantly working to make our products even more effective, productive to create new and exciting products.

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Marketing and Sales Support

Balakkom has its own design and marketing departments that are ready to help with packaging development, message creation and product design.

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Balakkom uses modern technologies to ensure significant production volumes while maintaining high quality products. We have a production area of more than 16,000 square meters. We make blankets, pillows, mattresses, bedspreads, polyester pudding and bedlinen of the highest quality.

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