Balakkom has the leverage to drive change for a better bedding and sleeping environment. We are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and proud of it. We use safe production technologies and modern equipment. For us, the well-being of each client and employee are crucial. We support responsible production and consumption, so our products are durable and resistant to use. Caring about the environment and thinking about the future generations inspire us to develop safe, trendy, sustainable and responsible products.


Mandatory conditions for the production of our products are:
• quality and practicality of fabrics and fillers,
• control of the safety of materials and stability of dyes,
• compliance of goods with world quality standards,
• participation in international exhibitions and being among the leaders and current textile trends in the world market.


We are constantly looking for modern equipment to improve employees’ work and improve technology, help minimize environmental damage, and use renewable energy sources.