Our products go a long way for getting to your home: from choosing high-quality fabrics to careful packaging.
MEMBRANA PRINT quilts production technology
1. Fiber is loaded into special large bunkers and the required percentage is set: polyester fibers in one bin and natural fibers in the other (in the NATURE collection all quilts consist of 70% natural fibers and 30% polyester).

2. The carding machine combs and blows off the fiber.

3. Many thin layers of fiber are spread out and sent to a multi-needle quilting machine along with the outer fabric.

4. After quilting, the product is trimmed with a special machine; the sides are fixed and the product is ready to be packed!
MEMBRANA PRINT pillows production technology
1. Same as for the quilts, fibers of two types are loaded into the bunkers.

2. The fibers are mixed, combed and then thermally bonded.

3. This fiber is transported to the pillow making workshop and cut into sizes (50*70, 70*70).

4. Then it goes to the workshop where the pillows are stitched with or without piping.

5. Then the stitched pillows are sent to the next workshop for being filled with QUADRO AIR balls or combed fibers. After this, the finished pillows are packaged.

Ultrasonic technology (VELOUR and VINTAGE bedcovers and SLEEP COVER pillow)
1. The insides of the product are soldered with a synthetic winterizer (sintepon). For a single-sided bedcover or pillow SLEEP COVER, the outer fabric is made of polyester fiber, and a double-sided bedcover, polyester fiber and velour are used.

2. A thermally bonded fiber is created from synthetic winterizer on the special German machines.

3. Sintepon arrives in another workshop. On ultrasonic machines, velour is fixed on top and micro-polyester on the bottom, a layer of sintepon is between them; then the machine solders out a special ornament, bonding them together.

4. Next, the bedcovers are cut, stitched with bias tape and packaged.

The SLEEP COVER pillow with zipper has soldering from the bottom with interfacing, while in SLEEP COVER LIGHT heat-bonded fiber and micro polyester are soldered together.
DOUBLE AIR / QUADRO AIR Fiber Technology
DOUBLE AIR is the processing of virgin fibers, using high-tech equipment that allows crossing the fibers so as to obtain a large volume of filler. Thanks to the polyester fibers, the products remain soft and do not wear out for a long of time. The QUADRO AIR technology allows much more air through it, which increases the heat exchange between the pillow and the body.
Mattress covers production technology:
1. The surface of the mattress cover is fastened with thermally bonded fibers and quilted in the workshop. The surface of a mattress cover with rubber is made of fabric, and the lining of it is made of interfacing. For sewing simple mattress covers with elastic bands fabric is used on both sides.

2. The mattress cover with elastic bands is sheathed with a regular bias tape, and the mattress cover with rubber is made with a special "skirt" with elastic bands sewn into it.

3. Finished mattress covers are sent for packaging.
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