Balakkom — supplier of healthy sleep for millions
We are producing home textile since 1996
4 own trademarks
17 million clients anually
About us

The Balakkom Company was founded in 1996 and now is a leader in the Ukrainian textile market. Our Company specializes at producing and selling high-quality home textile. Our pursuit is creating atmosphere of comfort and hospitality in each home. Our products are made of eco-friendly raw materials; they conform to the tastes of different families and are the perfect complement to refined interiors. Every day, more than 500 workers at Balakkom create products which help you feel healthier, happier and more successful. We provide high-quality sleep and comfort.
Our Brands
Facts about us
Producing home textile for more 23 years already
In 1996, we started with the production of blankets, and by now we have grown to several own trademarks and are selling goods worldwide.
17 million customers annually
We give a cozy and healthy sleep with the help of ecological products for sleep, made with love, affordable for buyers with a different level of income.
We export products to 10 countries
We export products to such European countries as Germany, Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and the Czech Republic.
We are a partner of famous brands
We are manufacturers for IKEA, Luxusfeder, Familienbett, WARENHANDLE, BEDMORE, EVLINE, ZNOOZE and others.
Multilevel product quality control
We control 100% of the production process.
Unique Production in Eastern Europe
Thanks to our own innovative technologies and advanced equipment, we are setting the pace for the market ahead.
Our clients
Head office: +38 (0372)-54-39-21
Sales department: +38 (050) 428-74-08

Head office:
Chernivtsi, Kommunalnikov st., 4B
Structural units:
- Khmelnitsky, Lviv highway, 12A
- Lviv, Konyushinnaya st., 10
- Kiev, Kostiantynivska St, 75
- Kharkov, Moskovsky Avenue, 259
- Dnepropetrovsk Stroiteley st., 25
- Odessa, Komiterskaya st., 24B
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