About us

The Balakkom Company was founded in 1996 and now is a leader in the Ukrainian textile market. Our Company specializes at producing and selling high-quality home textile. Our pursuit is creating atmosphere of comfort and hospitality in each home. Our products are made of eco-friendly raw materials; they conform to the tastes of different families and are the perfect complement to refined interiors. Every day, more than 500 workers at Balakkom create products which help you feel healthier, happier and more successful. We provide high-quality sleep and comfort.
Our history
Our history begins at the end of 20th century when we started producing quilts form 4 types of different fabric in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Back then, we made up the concept of our brand ТЕП and its main objective – to provide people with high-quality home textile. The brand's name – ТЕП – comes from a Ukrainian word that is interpreted as "warmth". At that time, the small community of only 14 people pursued by their passion for work started carrying out the production. The Single and Euro Standard quilts were made on 2 single needle quilting machines.
We moved to a new spacious placement, and built up our headquarters and factory. The new four needle computerized quilting machine to implement new designs of quilting as well as new sizes: for kids, single, double and euro standard. And in 2001 we started producing pillows!
We bought an Italian Computerized Multi-Needle Quilting Machine MESA that advanced the process of production quilts, their quality also got much better. Right at that time our company started producing bedcovers, and in the next 2003 year we launched the production of ТЕП bed linen.
We launch the German machine for production thermobonded nonwovens for the first time, and this gave us opportunities to produce quilts, mattress cover and bedcovers in larger quantities. Also, we became capable of producing other special products.
Our company purchased a new machine for filling pillow cases with raw materials, including siliconized hollow fiber balls. Also, we came up with the idea of creating a sleepwear and underwear brand EGO and launched sewing machines in the short term.
Our company purchased automated production line: comforter machine Salin Tibbo and multi -needle quilting machine Mammut.
We purchased additional machines for mattress covers and quilts and in the next year the company purchased machine for filling pillows with ultrathin fiber.
We launched the Balak Home brand that follows high European quality standards. For the first time, our brand became renowned in Germany, where its products are in high demand today. In Ukraine and Russia, the Balak Home brand was launched later in 2018.
Balakkom company is a leader in the Ukrainian textile market, and has a big production and vast variety of products: 30 types of quilts, 50 types of pillows, 8 types of bedcovers, 20 types of mattress covers, 4 segments of bed linen. In addition, the company provides jobs for about 500 employees, Balakkom is a multiple winner of "Best Quality" and "Best Products" certificates, has an ISO 9001 certificate, which confirms the high quality standards of the company. Our mission is to give everyone a healthy sleep, thereby making you happier and more successful.
Our trademarks
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Our values
Care for each customer
The competence of all employees
Continuous innovation
Openness and honesty
Our clients
Head office: +38 (0372)-54-39-21
Sales department: +38 (050) 428-74-08
E-mail: info@balakkom.com

Head office:
Chernivtsi, Kommunalnikov st., 4B
Structural units:
- Khmelnitsky, Lviv highway, 12A
- Lviv, Konyushinnaya st., 10
- Kiev, Lugovaya st., 9
- Kharkov, Moskovsky Avenue, 259
- Dnepropetrovsk Stroiteley st., 25
- Odessa, Komiterskaya st., 24B
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